Invested 10000
Gain 10000
Total 10000

Predictions based on investment of Rs. X at y% interest
Duration Value

*Inflation is not considered while doing the calculations.

SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) – The Way we buy Products on EMI, same way SIP is a Method of Buying wealth on EMI.

Just decide the Target corpus (1Cr, 5Cr , etc) Or any Goal ( Children education, Marriage, Home, Car Etc ), Calculate the Monthly estimated Cost ( Wealth Calculator ), Choose the Right Product ( Connect with a Good Financial Advisor ) , Start the Monthly Investment (SIP)& Start Living in Peace, Let SIP take care of the rest.

For long-term wealth creation through equity market you need, discipline and long term time horizon which are inherent features of SIP. The following features of SIP makes it fit for equity market.

  • Simple and disciplined approach towards investment
  • Investment possible with a small sum of money
  • Based on concept of Rupee Cost Averaging
  • Flexibility in terms of Amount or Quantity based SIP
  • Flexible intervals like Daily/ Weekly/ Fortnightly/ Monthly basis
  • Just Like Buying Wealth on EMI
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We can always do the Research on Google & buy the Medicines from the Chemist But that does not change the Importance of a Doctor.

Similar way, choosing a Good & Right Financial Advisor can do Miracles in our Life & Make our Life easier in terms of Personal Finance.